The Splinter

Frantically cleaning in preparation for my Mama coming to town, I heaved the vacuum cleaner down each step of the staircase. After the complete gutting and remodelling of the upstairs bathroom, the flight of stairs was covered in crumbled drywall, little boy dirt, and most certainly dog hair. I know full well my Mama doesn’t… Continue reading The Splinter

The Heart

“The human heart would rather hear lies that bring comfort than truths that bring conviction and cleansing.” Warren Wiersbe, Be Reverent: Bowing Before an Awesome God (Ezekiel commentary) As I read these words in my study of Ezekiel, the truth and profoundness of this statement hit me like a wave. I keep returning to it,… Continue reading The Heart

No Pain, No Gain

Losing hurts. Getting stronger is painful.

Growing is uncomfortable. Stretching is crucial to get yourself ready for the next thing.

Training my body to do things to make it healthier takes commitment. Training my mind and spirit are no different.