A letter for the FAR future

I know my usual writing comes from my “boy mama” perspective. Today I have been thinking about a stage that is (hopefully) far in the future. To my boys, and the girls you will someday date: Take a moment and try to benefit from my heartaches and mistakes. I know the need to feel loved.… Continue reading A letter for the FAR future

No Pain, No Gain

Losing hurts. Getting stronger is painful. Growing is uncomfortable. Stretching is crucial to get yourself ready for the next thing. Training my body to do things to make it healthier takes commitment. Training my mind and spirit are no different.

Too Long

Too long. Too long since I sat down and put words on paper. Too long since there has been a little peace and quiet in the house. Too long since I have had a few moments to myself. Too long since we’d heard puppy paws running through the house. Granted, I doubt I will sit… Continue reading Too Long