Unexpected Grace

I guess you could say I conceded, submitted, committed to homeschooling. Before I made the choice, I wrestled and battled, knowing this was not one simple choice but a lifestyle change. Once the decision was made, I threw myself into it, knowing the great sacrifice it would take to plan, teach, and discipline. I accepted the loss of all the things I had newly gained over the last couple of years when I left the workforce. I even grieved, realizing the path that I am taking would not allow for some of the freedoms and joy I had found. God is so much bigger than my small-minded ideas.

50 years

Fifty. Five decades of dedication to each other. If we went back all those years ago to these two kids, about to jump into marriage and life together and gave them just a glimpse of what God had in store for them, would they have believed it? Eighteen thousand, two hundred fifty days they have… Continue reading 50 years

Wax On, Wax Off

Sand the floor. Wax on, wax off. Paint the fence. Daniel thought it was nonsense, a waste of his time: the mundane, the pain, the long-suffering. But when Mr. Miyagi threw punches, Daniel LaRusso’s training kicked in. He was prepared, even though he didn't know it. His muscles had already done the hard work, all… Continue reading Wax On, Wax Off