50 years


Five decades of dedication to each other. If we went back all those years ago to these two kids, about to jump into marriage and life together and gave them just a glimpse of what God had in store for them, would they have believed it?

Eighteen thousand, two hundred fifty days they have been husband and wife. Thousands of days of caring, providing, fighting, praying, teasing, loving, working, forgiving, laughing, forgetting, travelling, smiling, encouraging, crying, teaching, listening, and sacrificing.

Three grown children each with loving spouses, plus nine grandsons and two granddaughters… I’m pretty sure that thought would have scared those two kids in 1970.

Oh how God knows us so well, that He knows what our minds and hearts can understand. Even just a flash of what is ahead may be more than we need to know.

Each day, each moment of the last half a century, I know God has guided and carried them. Their love and faithfulness to God and to each other is manifested in the family that surrounds them to celebrate this milestone. Each of us, proof that God answers prayer. All of us, evidence that God’s grace is immeasurable.

What a treasure, a marvel it is to watch them, still in love and choosing each other each day. I know that God has used them to mold us, shape us, guide us, refine us, but mostly teach us and encourage us.

I thank God that we are celebrating this day, this achievement by grace He has allowed. There are a million different ways life could have gone for them, but they chose to love God first and love each other, and God has blessed them beyond measure. I think back to four years ago and how events could have played out very differently. But God.

God in His mercy, allowed us to get to this day. We can all be together, cheering, celebrating that we were a witness to 50 years of John and Cindy! And just as those two kids in 1970 didn’t know what was ahead of them, neither do we. But I know we will praise God for each additional moment we can rejoice in what He has done in our family.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh the joys of those who take refuge in Him!” Psalm 34:8

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