Happy Birthday Daddy!

My Dad.  Daddy.  Papa.  Just thinking about my Dad warms my heart:  his hugs, his smile, his spirit.  He always tries to make me laugh, with no regard to how silly he might look doing it.  When I was a kid, I remember asking him to walk around impersonating a chicken for me and my friends at a slumber party (he was just SO good at it).  He obliged, as he always does, to any request he can fulfill for me.  He has always provided for me, taken care of me, protected me.  He always worked so hard.  He worked long hours on that UPS truck, no matter if he wanted to or not, or if he was sick.  But you know what I remember?  Seeing him standing at the corner of the gym, in that brown uniform, watching me play basketball.  I looked for him, watched for him, hoping he could make it.  I don’t remember him letting me down.

I liked the fact that boys that I might date could be afraid of my dad.  I knew that if I needed him to, he could take care of me (and them).  I love that I can be almost anywhere, and run into someone who probably knows him.

I hear his voice in my head when life situations come up:  Driving a car- “check your mirrors: Left, right, left again”, when it’s icy outside- “don’t walk with your hands in your pocket”, something painful occurs- “Are you a man or a mouse?”

He always encourages me to go after my dreams, and gives me the perfect example of hard work and determination demonstrated in his life.  He continuously learns, grows, and loves.  His unwavering faith in God has been a rock I could cling to.  When I look at the values that I hold important, I see that so many of them come from him:  Hard work, loyalty, faith, determination, unconditional love, humor, self-improving.  He is a great example of all those things.  In a world where men leave their wives and kids, mistreat them, or simply aren’t there for them, I am so blessed to have the father I have been given.  I pray that I can be as good of a mother to my boys, as he has been a father to me.  They love their Papa, and I do too! 
“I thank my God every time I remember you.”  Phillipians 1:3
Happy Birthday Daddy!

With all my love~ Jodi Lynne

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