Silent Night

I’m standing at the edge, looking out. I feel like this birthday is a turning point. I can see so many wonderful moments ahead of me, but also some of the hardest. A real, for real grown up. That is what 35 feels like. Thirty-Five. When did that happen? The last ten years of my life have been so beautiful. Marrying my love, building our home together, bringing 3 little loves in the world- There have been so many beginnings. I know that this next stage of life will be amazing, but it will be hard too. Letting go, braving difficult times, uncharted territories.

I remember being outside in the cold night around Christmas, under the stars at our country home, with Christmas lights and decorations. Singing praises to my king, just me, embracing the magic of the season. Silent, still, serene. Peace. I long for that peace. I pray that, as I turn 35, I can capture that peace and joy that I found it the stillness of the country. That my boys can find that, feel that. I pray this road ahead is full of special memories, and that I can stay near the heart of Jesus through it all.

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