Life is…

Life is tired.
Life is heavy.
Life is scary.
Life is burdened.
Life is sickness.
Life is going until you can’t go.
Life is pouring out.
Life is anger.
Life is pain.
Life is feeling loss.
Life is a broken heart.
Life is pushing through.
Life is pressing on.
Life is serving others.
Life is filling up.
Life is smiling.
Life is hugs around the neck.
Life is laughter.
Life is a good song.
Life is starting over.
Life is being present.
Life is flying by the seat of your pants.
Life is baby toes.
Life is sharing a kiss with your spouse.
Life is a wagging tail.
Life is full.
Life is a warm blanket.
Life is listening.
Life is a sunny day.
Life is forgiving.
Life is little hands squeezing yours.
Life is the road home.

Life is joy.

“…In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ~ Jesus, John 16:33

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