Stuck in the Middle

January 26, 2017

When did he become this tall little thing? His face thinner, legs longer, eyes full of understanding. He still has the sweet kissable cheeks I have always loved, but now they are not nearly as fluffy.

He tells me things like, I am the one that he loves, he loves me the most (well, except Jesus, he loves Jesus the most), and that I am interesting. He uses big words (properly), and knows what they mean. He entertains, and freely gives to others. He is dramatic, which can be good and bad. He loves being social and just being with people.

I don’t know what has moved me to write about him today, but he is on my mind. Maybe I worry that being the middle boy, he will get lost in the shuffle. He doesn’t do anything first, or last, so maybe milestones are diminished unknowingly. He feels so deeply, and really has wisdom for a 4 ½ year old. I forget that he hasn’t even reached 5 yet because he seems to speak beyond his years. He has his rough patches, as we all do, but I want to give him grace in those moments. The last I heard he wants to be a missionary pilot, or maybe a zookeeper.

His heart is so big, I feel like I could get lost in his love for others. I look at him, and know that I am just a steward. Just a keeper, a teacher, of this lovely creature that God created. He belongs to Him, and man, does God have plans for this boy.

I pray that he always looks to the Lord, and that he listens to his call. I pray that he grows in wisdom, and understanding, and shares that with others. I pray that the bright light that he is, shines before all and points everyone to Jesus.

My beautiful, bouncy, big-hearted, bright middle boy. I love you, Gavin. And he would say, “I know, Mom. I love you too.”

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