We are all pieces of a puzzle. We all fit together, but how? My story, his story, their story.

Today a friend of mine needed some encouragement. One part of her life and my life connect, and I can give her words of comfort and reassurance. Her life today was my life yesterday. The pieces match. I can give her the gift of the Word of God, the verses the Holy Spirit brings to mind and a reminder that she is not alone. We are connected by the blood of Jesus.

When I share what God is teaching me and invite others in to worship or understand with me, it enhances my experience. It’s like going from a phone speaker to a surround sound system. When I can see others’ hearts’ soften or lives being changed, it breaks my own heart open wide. I want others to learn with me.

I see this bit of myself in my middle son. He wants to experience everything with someone else. He doesn’t like to be alone, except when he is enjoying himself so much that he forgets no one is with him. But even then, he wants to invite everyone into his world, to share the beauty or joy or discovery. (Right now most of this for him involves Minecraft, Lord help me.)

Experiencing the goodness of the Lord, the excitement in His glory, the promises in His Word, all of it is true and stands on its own just between me and the Lord. But when compounded with other’s joy, stories, and praises it makes it that much more glorious. Oh what Heaven must be like. No sin, no selfishness, just all of us proclaiming all the goodness and glory of the Lord. Everyone in unison, understanding and seeing everything that God is. What perfection!

Maybe this is why sharing with each other is so uplifting, so encouraging. It’s just a glimpse of Heaven, where we all sing His praise forever.

When I have a friend who needs help, I feel honored when the Holy Spirit fills me up to pour out on her. What joy it brings to be the vessel. Not everyone may feel this way. Perhaps it’s my “2-ness” (Enneagram, Helper. If you don’t know what this means, ask me!) But I do believe we are called to encourage and share with one another. God intended for us to build each other up, combine our voices for His glory. He uses us to speak His words to each other.

We all need time alone with the Lord. Let’s not forget that he called us to come together in His presence as well. Not only in a “worship” service, but to share real, vulnerable struggles and victories with each other. We grow and are made stronger when the Holy Spirit brings us together. Maybe it’s just having one friend that you trust and with whom you can share. Possibly it’s a small group within your church, or maybe a parenting group like MOPs, MIP, or some other acronym.

My life has been enhanced from all of these examples. If you are struggling, feeling alone, or maybe you want to pour out encouragement on someone else, just listen around you. People always need encouragement. And if you need encouragement and don’t know where else to look, contact me! I love to build others up.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” ~ 2 Corinthians 13:11

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