Too Long

Too long.

Too long since I sat down and put words on paper.

Too long since there has been a little peace and quiet in the house.

Too long since I have had a few moments to myself.

Too long since we’d heard puppy paws running through the house.

Granted, I doubt I will sit here for long, but at least it’s something. The house isn’t entirely quiet- I can hear the big boys playing video games from the basement.

I’m not totally alone, but I have a new companion to keep me company.

It has been somewhat of a whirlwind since school ended. We took a weekend trip to Texas to see family mid-May and things have been a little crazy ever since. We’ve made it through Vacation Bible School, Basketball camp, and I have the boys on a loose schedule that includes chores, school workbooks, journal writing and reading, and then play.

We’ve done some cleaning to the upstairs rooms, but I’m afraid the playroom has a long way to go before I am satisfied with it.

In the midst of all this, we added a new puppy to our home. It’s been a lot of work this first week, but I know things will improve. I had been wanting to get a puppy again for about six months, but the timing up until this point had not been right.

We decided that we wanted to rescue, and when this precious face came up as available, how could we not take the opportunity to bring her home?!

It’s a big leap to open our home to a dog again. Especially with three little boys’ hearts in the mix. But, the love of a dog is worth the risk. She’s sweet, smart, and already doing great on her training. I am hoping if we put in the time now this summer while she’s young, it will make things much easier down the road.

My brain is mush from VBS, dog training, and 3 little boys. But hopefully, I can sneak away more and get back to my writing. Stay tuned for updates on Izzy and her boys! 🙂

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