The Splinter

Frantically cleaning in preparation for my Mama coming to town, I heaved the vacuum cleaner down each step of the staircase. After the complete gutting and remodelling of the upstairs bathroom, the flight of stairs was covered in crumbled drywall, little boy dirt, and most certainly dog hair. I know full well my Mama doesn’t expect perfection when she comes to visit, but I certainly like to try. I always fall short.

However, this particular chore hadn’t been completed in quite some time so it needed to be done. All the little crumbs and dirt clods and drywall rubble had made their way into the cracks between each step, so as I swept each one I took my fingers to where the vacuum could not go, pulling out dog hair, crud, and shards of wood from the old sub-floor. I worked this way until I quickly pulled back in sharp pain. Unfortunately one of my fingers found one of the sharp tiny pieces of wood and I could now see a tiny speck under the layers of my pink skin.

I could barely see it, there on the ring finger of my right hand, but it was still painful. Also, being on my right hand (and being right-handed) I knew it would be difficult for me to remove. I could have panicked. I could have dwelled on the fact that it would be impossible for me to remove this myself. I could have thought of all the pain this minuscule shred would cause under my tender skin. A splinter isn’t serious, but had I left it there it would have become infected and certainly would have caused pain. Would I have to go to a doctor to remove it?

But, I didn’t think about all these things.

Instead, my thought to myself was, “I am sure Stefan can get this out for me. He’s really good at removing splinters.”

I threw a bandage on it until I could show him, and went about my day. Once I showed him, he began working on it right away. He was careful and tender, methodical and skilled. Delicate and deliberate, it only took him a few minutes to pull the speck out from under my skin. Of course it hurt a little, but I knew it had to come out and this was the only way.

I kissed him later, thanking him for taking care of me, grateful for someone I could depend on.

I never worried, I was never scared, because I knew he would come through for me.

My hero.

I am being a little dramatic about a splinter, I know. But as everyday, little commonplace moments often do, it reminded me of Jesus. It pricked my heart, realizing that no matter what happens to me, I know the One who can remove the splinter. I know that I am cared for by my Jehovah Jireh, the One who provides. I don’t have to think of all the worst case scenarios because I know the One who is in control.

Rest in that, my friends. You can be calm in the face of tragedy, chaos, or illness because you can know the One who gives peace. He is the One you can depend on. I pray you know Jesus this way, and if you don’t but want to, I’d love to talk to you more.

I am sure God can take care of you, he’s really good at it.

(And by the way, my finger felt better instantly. My husband is pretty special!)

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