The King is Surely Coming

I had to get out. I needed the sun on my face, I needed the open space of the outdoors. And although I hate running, I needed to run. My legs longed to stretch and my lungs to expand with the cool but welcoming air. I felt the burn in my lungs from pushing them to a steady jog, but the sting seemed to not truly originate from there. It felt deeper. Rend Collective singing in my ears,

“Behold He comes, the risen one

Salvation is coming

Behold He comes, the shining son

Redemption is calling

Behold the lamb who overcomes

Heaven’s champion, seated on the throne

Just pull on

The King is surely coming

The great day shall come, our jubilee

Confetti will soar on golden streets

Hark angels and merry, our tears wiped away

Standing in glory, at last we’ll see his face”

And as slowly and full of warmth as the sun rising, I felt the realization wash over me. I longed for wholeness. Under my lungs, my heavy heart cried out in lament for the loss of in-person fellowship. And yet, while at the moment I am yearning to be with family and friends, it is but a shadow of my longing for Heaven. To have everything set right, with my King on the Throne.

It’s Friday, but I long for Sunday.

I’m sure we are all realizing that we have taken some things for granted; simple things like hugging your friends neck and going to church and taking kids to school. I hope that you have let yourself grieve the loss of these things. Grief sharpens our view sometimes, doesn’t it?

Just picturing the day I can return to my church and rejoice, worship and celebrate with the body of Christ IN PERSON makes me want to cry. How much more magnificent will that day be in Heaven, when we reunite with all the saints and all is revealed?

I know the Lord is working in my heart during this crazy time. I’m doing things I never thought I’d be able to do, like have my kids home 24/7 and teaching them myself, never going out for meals, trusting in the Lord that He will provide in every way. I pray for revival in our church, in our community, and in my own life. Even when what I think was necessary is stripped away, Jesus is still there. I praise Him, because I have built my life on the Rock. Though all around me is upside down, I still choose to worship. (Rend Collective’s new album, Choose to Worship is carrying me through- absolutely God’s perfect timing and message)

I cling to Him even more so now, because it’s absolutely necessary. I can’t make it even a few hours without Him. May this desperation for Jesus continue. And though I look forward to the day when I can gather with those I love, I pray that my dependence on Him will only grow stronger.

There is no joy without the grief of the Cross. As we wait for Sunday, as we wait for the end of quarantine, as we wait for Heaven… we hold tight to our Savior- we fix our eyes on what we know is coming.

“The King is surely coming

The great day shall come, our jubilee

Confetti will soar on golden streets

Hark angels and merry, our tears wiped away

Standing in glory, at last we’ll see his face”


Yes, the King is surely coming!


  1. vondehnvisuals

    I feel Your frustration with not being able to go to Your place of worship. But please Trust Me, Christ is always with You and You can speak with Him in person from Your bedroom or anywhere You Wish. So long as He is in Your Heart, You are in Heaven, for He Art (Heart) in Heaven. Love and Blessings.


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