Now and Then

A few weeks ago, I read that Netflix was adding one of my most treasured pre-teen movies to its service. Now and Then came out when my friends and I were starting to go through the fun years of puberty and figuring out who we were. At the time I had three close friends, so […]


Too Long

Too long. Too long since I sat down and put words on paper. Too long since there has been a little peace and quiet in the house. Too long since I have had a few moments to myself. Too long since we’d heard puppy paws running through the house. Granted, I doubt I will sit […]


Hello Summer

It’s the last day of school for my two older boys. As a former work-outside-the-home mama, this is my first summer at home with the boys, so I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve made my chore list as well as their summer goals and wish lists. I am hoping we can have a healthy […]