My Leia 3-4-18

My Leia

(Written 3-4-18)

Her eyes are the purest of blue, like her loyalty.

Don’t let any tears she may shed fool you, she is strong, and she stands on the Rock.

She is wise and brilliant. Ridiculous at times, but in the best ways.

Her infectious laugh, big storytelling and bigger hugs, she is uplifting in all she does.

She is kind, and generous, and thoughtful.

At times, Mad Dog may surface, and she’s a fighter. Determined, disciplined, a leader.

We are Kindred spirits, she’s the Thelma to my Louise.

Despite the miles, the husbands, the children, before all of these things, there were two girls in a truck, finding the most innocent trouble they could find. With full yet broken teenage hearts and heads-or-tails whimsey, we latched to each other irreversibly.

Now with overflowing houses, hearts, minds, we still remain on the same wavelength. Time is irrelevant, distance is too, when it comes to us.

I realize, that even though we grew up together, we also grew up, apart. And even though we aren’t in the same physical space, we are learning the same lessons as wives, as mothers, as adults.

I miss my beautiful best friend. She is courageous, she is radiant. She is my Leia.

Happy birthday, with all my love!

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